Ray Yamamoto Hilton
Freelance Mobile Architect & iOS Developer in Melbourne, Australia

Honda Sydney Motorshow

Working with jTribe & DT Digital for Honda to build a bespoke iPad-based interactive brochure for the Sydney Motor Show. Around 50 devices were mounted in custom made stands around the various car models.

  • Use of Quartz and CoreGraphics to provide a intuitively interactive and highly dynamic image gallery. Utilising pinch, drag and rotation gestures to manipulate images and basic physics to add momentum.
  • Extensive testing, bug-hunting and memory-leak plugging in order to allow the app to run constantly for 12+ hours on over 50 devices for every day of the motor show
  • Implemented a continuous integration system using Hudson, xcodebuild and various shell scripts to provide continuous build feedback and versioned artifacts.
  • Implemented an Agile process to manage and make visible the outstanding tasks. I also started to measure velocity to better estimate upcoming work.