Ray Yamamoto Hilton
Freelance Mobile Architect & iOS Developer in Melbourne, Australia

Hood v2

We recently updated Hood to v2. This release marks massive speed improvements, simpler UI and more focused utility. This was a pretty significant re-write on both the server and client-side that has been a couple of months in the making.

On the server-side, we’ve really improved the speed of the system by being smarter about caching and more aggressive in how we fetch content. We’ve also refined the API so that the client does less smarts, allowing the server to tweak things like ordering, pagination size, refresh times, etc. We also fetch data from more sources while returning less duplicates.

On the client-side, we had an almost entire UI re-write. We removed unused features (like photos/people browsing) and, based on user-feedback, focused more on locations. We now allow you to continue browsing a location after you leave there as well as returning to other recently visited locations. We removed a lot of client-side storage logic that really slowed down the experience (a painful example of how premature optimisation can lead to caching working against your intention).

I’ll be posting an article in the next couple of weeks about the layout code used to achieve much of the Hood UI.

The app has just been released and is available on the iTunes App Store

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1