Ray Yamamoto Hilton
Freelance Mobile Architect & iOS Developer in Melbourne, Australia

This item is no longer available in the app store

My AppStore apps are currently all reporting that “This item is no longer available in the App Store” or “This item is temporarily unavailable” as of couple of days ago. I have received no notification from Apple and apparently nothing wrong in iTunes connect. After a bit of googling I stumbled across this blog post where it seemed that at least one other person had experienced something similar.

I followed the post’s suggestions and updated my availability date and suddenly the app was marked as “Pending Contract”. However, all my apps are currently freebies and so there are no contracts in place, nor should there be. I filled out as much of them as I could (bar registering for GST), but to no avail.

I seem to be at the whim of Apple’s famously distant customer service right now.

Update: I eventually solved this by releasing a new version of the app, the process seemed to fix the existing app as it immediately reappeared in the app store while the new version was awaiting approval. Go figure!